Roof Painting in Bryanston

Roof Tile roof painting;
17 years old and still no visible problems! Most important no maintenance necessary! Would you like one?

We have been painting roofs for more than 25 years with our own Guaranteed Manufactured paint.

Our Pure Paint is four times stronger, more flexible, Waterproof, Sun and Dirt resistant due to it being smoother when combined with other dirt sheading ingredients and contains 25% less water

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20 year Roof Paint Guarantee

Cement roof tile painting is the art of combining an excellent paint with meticulous preparation complimented with the correct tools.
This is a case of the proud craftsman thanking his tools.

Roof cleaning & painting

How do we paint a roof?

First we need to clean and mechanically strip the surface using high pressure water. This Machine is unique to a few contractors as the max power you can get from your house hold plug is 180Bar pressure. Your car takes 2 bar in the tyre so its allot of pressure.

Sterilise the roof

Second we sterilise the roof using a algaecide which is trapped in using a deep penetrating sealer to produce a solid surface on which to apply the paint.

Dress all structural cracks in roof tiles or valleys preventing leaking

The Paint used comes with a 10-year guarantee from the manufacture and this is proven with out 12 year old roof.

Why use us to paint Your Roof?

Our strength lies in our proven know how to clean, sterilize and repaint, your roof to complement a 20 year painting roof proof system.
Roof painting Video’s
Roof Painting done 12 years ago in Roodepoort

Roof paint lasted 14 years

Roof Painting 12 years ago

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